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  • A commercial house for sell or rent. Nyagatare Replies (0) » Answer me here 14-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    A house for sell or rent, within Nyagatare Town.
    Location: Besides the car park, between University and main market.
    - A guesthouse designed.
    - 2 rooms for business.
    - 6 rooms for bedrooms, each room has toilet and bathroom.
    - All rooms has tiles.
    - Water & electricity is available
    Price: Negotiable.
    Contact: 0788665548 or rutasam20@yahoo.com
  • Fridge/Frigo Kigali Replies (2) » Answer me here 08-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    Medium size fridge/frigo in good working conditions and at a fairly good price.
  • house for rent kigali Replies (0) » Answer me here 08-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    I want a single room for rent in and around kigali or in an area (5kms) around kigali. contact me by email only (darius.mugarura@gmail.com) with price in rwf
  • Ndashaka kugura inzu cg ikibanza kigali Replies (1) » Answer me here 03-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    ndashaka kugura inzu itarengeje 10 millions ifite ikibanza gihagije,cyangwa ikibanza kigurishwa hagati ya 2 millions na 3 millions. uwaba abifite yampamagara kuri 0722025879
  • In need of houses for rent Kigali Replies (0) » Answer me here 01-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    I urgently need a house for rent which has atleast 3 B/rooms, sitting room, internal Washroom.It should be alone in it's own compound with a parking space.It should be easily accessible and not beyond 150000.Let it be in Gikondo, Gisozi, Kimironko, Kacyiru or Nyamrambo.
  • I need to buy a Used Smart Phone Kigali Replies (4) » Answer me here 01-Apr-2014 ...Read More ]
    Any one who need to sell his smartphone for any reason can contact me,

    I has to be Original (Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia or HTC) and fairly used.

    The price will be negociated upon your offer.

    My budget turn around RWF 60.000

    Call me on 0788601883
  • Ndashaka ikibanza kitarengeje 2 millions KIGALI Replies (2) » Answer me here 31-Mar-2014 ...Read More ]
    ndashaka ikibanza kitarengeje 2 millions kiri muri kigali hatari kure y'umuhanda uwaba agifite yahamagara kuri 0788443741
  • Ndashaka inzu ikodeshwa Muhima MUHIMA Replies (0) » Answer me here 30-Mar-2014 ...Read More ]
    Sat, Mar 29,2014ndashaka inzu ikodeshwa mumuhima nibura ibite:
    -ibyumba bitatu
    -salon nini
    -douche na toilette munzzu
    -cuisine munzu

    kumafaranga 150 000 frw
  • I need buy carina e kigali Replies (2) » Answer me here 29-Mar-2014 ...Read More ]
    Dear All,

    I need a carina e which is in good condtion and has plate number RAC.....

    I have 3.5M cash and i will pay it immmediatly.

    My Contact is 0788889591.

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